Polish Magician Shows Us Just How Bad Things Can Get When Tricks Fail

Most magic tricks feature one or more visual illusions that distract the audience from what’s really going on. This isn’t one of those magic tricks.

When a magician from “Poland’s Got Talent” attempted a magic trick that he had performed successfully countless times on a popular morning talk show, nerves were the least of his worries. After placing a nail in one of four brown lunch bags, he crushed a bag that he knew the nail was not in. To up the ante of the trick, he had one of the co-hosts of the show smash the next bag.

Let’s just say that things did not go well.

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The unlucky woman was treated and miraculously holds no ill will toward the magician. If you know an aspiring magician (or someone who really enjoys gruesome videos), be sure to send this their way.

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