Paralyzed Bunny Scoots Around With The Help Of A Specially Made Wheelchair

This baby bunny doesn’t hop. Instead, he glides and slides his way around the house on a custom-made wheelchair — assembled from a $1 skateboard toy and a mini sock.

The tiny bun, who’s been fittingly named Wheelz, has come a long way since he was bitten by an adult rabbit after wandering away from his nest. Wheelz was found stiff and frozen by farmer Jason Ambrosino, who managed to bring the bunny inside and save his life. Now, Ambrosino, with the help of his friend Christine Griffith, is doing everything in his power to make sure Wheelz has a happy life, having adopted the little guy and made him these sweet wheels!


Wheelz has a need for speed! Just look at him go!

Where there is a wheel, there is a way. Keep leaving those other bunnies in the dust, Wheelz!

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