PANIC: Axelrod mumbles about ‘cold, hard data’, clings to … Boston Globe!/markknoller/status/262944802650333184

Oh, dear. Poor Davey seems to have his creepy briefs in a spin-tastic, panic-stricken twist. Polls are turning, newspaper endorsements are flipping. But he has “cold, hard data.” At high noon. Or something.

Axelrod on conference call: ‘I don’t want to be ambiguous about this at all: We’re winning this race…’

— Byron York (@ByronYork) October 29, 2012

‘…I say that not on the basis of some mystical faith in a wave that’s going to come, or some hidden vote.We base it on cold, hard data.’

— Byron York (@ByronYork) October 29, 2012

Always what you say when no one else can see the data: @davidaxelrod“We’re winning this race…We base it on cold, hard data.” #hewitt

— Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) October 29, 2012

“I don’t want to be ambiguous about this at all,” David Axelrod says. “We’re winning this race.” So there you have it.

— Matt Viser (@mviser) October 29, 2012

“@edhenrytv: Axelrod flatly states: “We are winning this race”” HAHAHAHAHA, wishful thinking, @davidaxelrod! #RomneyRyan2012

— Katie De La Warr (@ktdelawarr) October 29, 2012

If that is true, why r u campaigning in MINNESOTA!! RT @markknoller: Obama Campaign strategist David Axelrod says “we’re winning this race”

— Kevin Ecker (@kevinecker) October 29, 2012

Hey @davidaxelrod when you have to say “We’re winning” it usually means you’re losing.Badly.

— Dedicated Tenther (@Dedicated10ther) October 29, 2012

Could the tidal wave of newspaper endorsements for Mitt Romney, including the Des Moines Register,  have anything to do with it, perhaps? Shockingly, he didn’t parrot Stephanie Cutter’s line about the Des Moines Register not being based in reality. Cutter’s reality is in Bizarro world, evidently.

RT @kevinmaddendc: A wave of Iowa newspaper endorsements this morning for Mitt Romney. #momentum #RomneyRyan2012

— Mitt’s Body Man (@dgjackson) October 28, 2012

TIDAL WAVE: Chicago Daily Herald Endorses Mitt

— The Victory Sessions (@VictorySessions) October 29, 2012

RT @andreamsaul: Momentum gaining for @mittromney across the country. READ a list of his newspaper endorsements HERE:

— Mitt’s Body Man (@dgjackson) October 28, 2012

Newspaper Endorsements so far: Mitt 112, Obama 84 (2008: Obama won 296-180)…

— donsurber (@donsurber) October 29, 2012

But, wait! Guess what? Obama might totally win Massachusetts! David Axelrod and other members of Team Obama up the stompy foot idiocy by breathlessly touting The Boston Globe as an arbiter of who is winning. No, for reals! They are actually bitterly clinging to The Boston Globe.

Mitt’s largest home state newspaper endorses. Their choice? President Obama!

— David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod) October 29, 2012

Mitt Romney’s hometown paper, the @bostonglobe, endorses @barackobama:

— The Democrats (@TheDemocrats) October 29, 2012

Those who know @mittromney best endorse @barackobama. Check out the Boston Globe: OFA.BO/p5Usi8

— Lis Smith (@Lis_Smith) October 29, 2012

Twitter users are gasping for breath.

@davidaxelrod Haha The Boston Globe’s water buckets are filled with blue Koolaid. This is no surprise.

— Cora Sanders (@applecora52) October 29, 2012

@davidaxelrod The Boston Globe would endorse a door knob , if it ran as a dem. You are grasping. Hope this wasn’t a “cold hard fact” #tcot

— Gene Cronin (@EJCII) October 29, 2012

@davidaxelrod Never heard of this paper…..did they report on Benghazi ??

— Jam G (@jamguy2009) October 29, 2012

.@davidaxelrod Yes, I can see how you’d be shocked, shocked I tell you, that the Boston Globe supports a Liberal. #HowStupidAreYou?

— Dedicated Tenther (@Dedicated10ther) October 29, 2012

LOL RT @davidaxelrod Mitt’s largest home state newspaper endorses. Their choice? President Obama!

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) October 29, 2012

@jonahnro What’s so funny? Obama really could win Massachusetts.

— Frank J. Fleming (@IMAO_) October 29, 2012

Boston is liberal??? WHO KNEW??? RT @davidaxelrod Mitt’s largest home state newspaper endorses. Their choice? President Obama!

— RB (@RBPundit) October 29, 2012

@davidaxelrod Wow, I’m surprised a newspaper in the most liberal state in the union would endorse Obama.Oh, the humanity! #MAGoesObama

— MrBroes (@mrbroes) October 29, 2012

Hey @davidaxelrod , do you have a list of all the papers that endorsed McCain in 08 who are endorsing Obama in 12?

— Jason B. Whitman (@JasonBWhitman) October 29, 2012


And, wait, what’s this?

@rbpundit @davidaxelrod the second and third largest papers in MA endorsed Romney… #justsayin

— Darren L (@TheDariusz1) October 29, 2012

Since @davidaxelrod is so interested in the Boston papers, he should peruse Braceras’ op-ed on #Benghazi. @jimgeraghty…

— Kathleen (@kafbst) October 29, 2012

Here is some “cold, hard data” for you, sweetie.

All 4 of the major newspaper endorsements in Iowa went to #RomneyRyan2012. #tcot

— Defend Ryan (@DefendPaulRyan) October 29, 2012

Newspapers Abandon 2008 Obama Endorsements, Choose Romney…

— Fox Nation (@foxnation) October 29, 2012

Romney leads in swing state newspaper endorsements: #GOPmomentum

— RNC (@GOP) October 29, 2012

its amazing how many newspapers that endorsed Obama in 2008 are now switching to support @mittromney

— Sean Spicer (@seanspicer) October 28, 2012

.@davidaxelrod and 28 papers that endorsed Obama in 2008 have endorsed Mitt in 2012.Whoa, you guys are in trouble! You’re losing.

— S. Kerr (@kerrhome) October 29, 2012

@davidaxelrod #SwingStates news paper endorsement lead. #GOPMomentum #gop #tcot…

— Damon Larson (@DamonLarson) October 29, 2012

And what about the battleground state Ohio?

Rasmussen: Ohio – Romney 50%, Obama 48%.That sound you hear is the Obama campaign imploding. Cc: @davidaxelrod…

— Sean Hannity’s Hair (@SHannitysHair) October 29, 2012

That’s right. As Twitchy reported, Rasmussen now has Romney at 50 and Obama at 48 in Ohio.

Axelrod: “In just eight days, we’ll know who’s bluffing.”

— Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) October 29, 2012

Yes, we will. On the plus side, Axelrod, the egg on your face may cover that unfortunate mustache.

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