Obama for America mistakenly calls Romney a billionaire


The Ohio chapter of the Obama for America campaign tweeted that ‘billionaires’ like Mitt Romney should pay their fair share. There is only one problem:  Romney is worth around $200 million, which is significantly less than one billion.

Better a billionaire than a community organizer // RT @ByronYork: RT @buzzfeedandrew:Obama for America tweets that Romney is a billionaire.

— Dorothy Grissom (@DorothyGrissom) April 14, 2012

@OFA_OH How did u determine Romney is a "billionaire"? Why lie?

— Brian in Vegas (@bpcass23) April 14, 2012

A lie – Obama for America tweets that Romney is a "billionaire." That's not even close to being accurate. http://t.co/Seg5rPZU via @TwitPic

— Thomas J Edwards (@Conservative4MI) April 14, 2012

Ha. @OFA_OH calling Romney an out-of-touch "billionaire" instead of an out-of-touch "millionaire" is a gaffe debate I welcome! #p2

— Mike Nellis (@MikeNellis) April 14, 2012

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