NBC, others cut off Archbishop Dolan’s pro-life prayer; viewers revolt


As Twitchy told you earlier, NY Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s closing benediction was the DNC speech of the night. Predictably, mainstream media outlets didn’t want viewers to see it. Twitter users made their displeasure known:

#nbc cut off the #dnc feed before cardinal Dolan gave the closing prayer…rude.

— Sarah (@sarahstubbs2010) September 7, 2012

Hey NBC, thanks for cutting off Cardinal Dolan with the local news. Can't wait a few more mins to spin?

— KBess (@TheLovelyLadyKT) September 7, 2012

And NBC just cut away from Cardinal Dolan. FAIL #DNC2012

— Andrew Bair (@ProLifePolitics) September 7, 2012

Drat. They were about to have Dolan give #dnc benediction as NBC cut over to local news. Really wanted to hear it.

— Jeff Geerling (@geerlingguy) September 7, 2012

So is Fox the only one carrying Ab Dolan's closing prayer??? NBC didn't.

— Matt Brandt (@trebor48) September 7, 2012

Only FOX shows all of Cardinal Dolan's closing prayer. CNN & MSNBC go to their talking heads – did not want to hear him pray for the unborn

— Jomaxx (@jomaxx) September 7, 2012

MSNBC talks over Cardinal Dolan's benediction, what a shock!

— Mme. PB (@MmePB) September 7, 2012

And there's the bias…Fox News shows Cardinal Dolan's benediction, CNN keeps it in background, MSNBC cuts audio/video.

— Robert Reed (@robby_reed) September 7, 2012

@seanhannity @CNN did not air the Cardinal Dolan benediction. So I'm mad.

— Joe Lanoie (@TheJoeDude27) September 7, 2012

@SereDoc Had the same thought…CNN didn't cover Cardinal Dolan's prayer/speech either.

— Nick Vaughn (@nickrvaughn) September 7, 2012


How did ABC News do?

Can't believe online-streaming ABC news is talking over Cardinal Dolan's benediction prayer!!! No way!

— Fr. David Hasser (@fr_hasser) September 7, 2012

ABC really isn't going to show Cardinal Dolan's prayer?!?

— Drew Swinford (@Drew_Swinford) September 7, 2012

And the official #DNC2012 feed cut him off, too:

#DNC2012 live stream didn't air Cardinal Dolan's benediction. Thanks for censoring

— CatholicJediAcademy (@CatholicJedi) September 7, 2012

The full text of the prayer and video can be found here.


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