Most People Don’t Think Twice While Being Mean Online, But They Might After This

The internet can be a very cruel place. If you have ever put yourself out there on the world wide web, you know that some of the planet’s harshest critics are just waiting to sink their claws into you.

And women have a particularly hard time. Just ask these women who work in the sports industry. They receive a barrage of hateful tweets every day and bullies comment on everything from their looks to their intelligence. Some attack where it hurts most by bringing up traumas that these survivors have experienced.

Just Not Sports did something unique and brought men in to read those mean tweets to the sports reporters’ faces. Watch what happens when they confront what their female counterparts deal with on a daily basis.


(via ABC News)

Perhaps after viewing this video, people will think twice before they type horrific garbage to strangers on the internet. Those harsh words affect people in ways that you can’t begin to imagine. Don’t let anonymity turn you into a monster.

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