Mom Plays An Epic Prank On Straight-A Student That Ends With A New Car

Parents love getting creative when it comes to surprising their sons and daughters.

When straight-A student Emily Watson came home from school one day, the last thing she expected was a lecture from her mom, but that’s exactly what she got. She sat at the dining room table with her sister and was forced to listen to Mom’s rant about actions and their many consequences. The look on Emily’s face can only be described as shock and horror as she tried to think back to anything she might have done to warrant such a speech.

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After watching her daughter fight back tears, Mom decided that the jig was up and passed her daughter a small gift box. In a matter of seconds, Emily’s face went from painfully sad to joyous!

You’ll crack up when you see how their conversation ended.

I can’t stop watching the moment she opened the box. It’s like 50 different emotions erupted in under a minute!

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