Maryland, Connecticut pass assault weapon bans, magazine limits!/GovernorOMalley/status/319944974571544576

With a strong coalition of advocates & the people of MD, we’ve chosen to take action by advancing the strategies that work to save lives.

— Martin O’Malley (@GovernorOMalley) April 4, 2013

Our bill bans the sale of assault weapons & high capacity magazines & makes meaningful improvements to mental health treatment.

— Martin O’Malley (@GovernorOMalley) April 4, 2013

Add Connecticut and Maryland to the list of states beating the federal government in the rush to pass gun control legislation. An assault weapon ban and a 10-round magazine limit are headed to Gov. Martin O’Malley’s desk for his signature after the Maryland Senate passed the bill earlier today. The legislation also requires gun owners to be fingerprinted and licensed — one of the major sticking points with opponents.

Maryland closely follows Connecticut, where Gov. Dan Malloy today signed similar restrictions into law.

Gov. Malloy: The discussion on how to protect all families in all of our communities will never end…

— Governor Dan Malloy (@GovMalloyOffice) April 4, 2013

Watch: Bill signing ceremony earlier today for the legislation on gun violence, mental health and school safety…

— Governor Dan Malloy (@GovMalloyOffice) April 4, 2013

Today #CT proudly led the nation w/ laws to reduce gun violence & illegal trafficking & keep our schools & neighborhoods safe #nowisthetime

— Richard Blumenthal (@SenBlumenthal) April 4, 2013

Today, VP called @govmalloyoffice & CT state leaders to thank them for their work passing comprehensive gun laws. #Nowisthetime

— Office of VP Biden (@VP) April 4, 2013

Vice President Joe “Buy a Shotgun” Biden might have shared his appreciation, but not everyone was so thankful for the government’s “protection.”

@govmalloyoffice I know I won’t be able to protect my family now that you’ve taken my gun away. Thank you

— David M. Farrell (@Liberty_Skeet) April 4, 2013

@govmalloyoffice Thanx for punishing law abiding gun owners in the process. It really won’t stop the violence but it will make you feel good

— Randy (@randy615) April 4, 2013

@govmalloyoffice and this legislation would have prevented Newtown? Absolutely not. Useless feel good legislation.

— Tony Spencer (@notsleepy) April 4, 2013

@govmalloyoffice what a great accomplishment ! You signed a bill that will do ZERO to prevent a mental person from commiting another tragedy

— LORD SANTO THE 1ST (@smartmansanto) April 4, 2013

@govmalloyoffice Congratulations on accomplishing absolutely nothing. Progressive liberalism stinks for people who love freedom, sad day.

— JustBeingMe (@surfhound101) April 4, 2013

@senblumenthal totally unconstitutional. This is so wrong.

— Matt (@Mattley_Crue) April 4, 2013

@senblumenthal you did nothing but take rights away from law abiding citizens. I wish you would dedicate as much time to the #CT economy.

— Kevin Richart (@KevinRichart) April 4, 2013

@governoromalley thank you for proving you don’t care about the taxpayers and care more about criminals.

— Josh (@2ASupportGeek) April 4, 2013

@governoromalley this bill will cost lives. Baltimore is the new Chicago

— Twizzler (@Realmen_r_free) April 5, 2013

@governoromalley hurray! Now you can truly contend with Chicago to be the murder Capitol of the US! Great job

— Kevin Fuller (@Cmf68Kevin) April 5, 2013

@governoromalley Smart political move….have MD follow successful model of Chicago. Finally we’re safe. thank you

— F. Ray Spencer (@rspencer_sr) April 5, 2013

@governoromalley “Assault weapons” that aren’t used in crime in Maryland, yet private ownership of such has doubled since Jan. Good job!

— Cygnus Tertius (@Multifaceted_) April 4, 2013

@interlagosm3 Gun manufacturer#Beretta is leaving MD thanks to the anti-gun job killer @governoromalley. Way to ruin this state.

— Jason L (@itsJayLa) April 5, 2013

Firearms manufacturer Beretta says it’s waiting to see the final, signed legislation before commenting on its future in Maryland.

@beretta_usa are you staying in MD since SB281 is passing? #MDGunGrab @mdshooters The community wants to know.

— Hil Whitfield II (@hilhouse) April 4, 2013

@hilhouse we are waiting to see what the signed bill looks like, before we comment.

— Beretta (@Beretta_USA) April 4, 2013

@beretta_usa @hilhouse I certainly wont support a company that looks the other way while citizens rights are infringed upon.

— sjallen (@sjallen) April 4, 2013

@sjallen @beretta_usa I definitely agree and understand that too. Which is why I asked. We have to all stand together on this.

— Hil Whitfield II (@hilhouse) April 4, 2013

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