Lt. gov. candidate calls #Stand With Texas Women mob ‘anarchists’ in debate!/CecileRichards/status/516744782236770305

Monday evening was the first and only lieutenant governor debate scheduled between Democrat Leticia Van de Putte and Republican Dan Patrick. The influence of Planned Parenthood and its president, Cecile Richards, weighed heavily on the debate as supporters of Wendy Davis kept a close eye on the proceedings. Patrick threw off any pressure to concede to the #StandWithTexasWomen crowd as he called the tampon-throwing mob “anarchists” straight out of the box.

"Cheering on the anarchists," @DanPatrick refers to the pro-choice crowd. #LtGovDebate

— Noah M. Horwitz (@NmHorwitz) September 30, 2014

Also Dan Patrick just called me and all the other people that flooded the #txlege last summer 'anarchists'. #LtGovDebate

— Tanya Tarr (@nerdette) September 30, 2014

.@DanPatrick: "Last year during the filibuster, I was sad to see my opponent cheering on the anarchists…" #LtGovDebate

— Patrick Svitek (@PatrickSvitek) September 30, 2014

"Cheering on the anarchists…" @DanPatrick You don't give two shits about those babies once they're born, dude. #LtGovDebate

— Denise Flores (@DeniseFlores) September 30, 2014

Aren’t there any issues facing Texas other than abortion?

Wait- WHAT? We're ANARCHISTS? Lol, @DanPatrick. You're a total nut. #LtGovDebate #VivaLeticia

— tiffany clay (@tiffanyclay) September 30, 2014

No, this is a total nut:


Excuse you Dan Patrick, Leticia didn't cheer on the "anarchists," SHE LED THEM TO THE ANARCHY

— Milana Featherbottom (@sidetracht) September 30, 2014

Dan Patrick just called the #StandWithTXwomen activists "anarchists." This is how Republicans label opposing views. #LtGovDebate

— Ed Espinoza (@EdEspinoza) September 30, 2014

It is sad that because @DanPatrick doesn't agree with organizers he devalues them by calling them "anarchists". He should respect all Texans

— Mary Gonzalez (@RepMaryGonzalez) September 30, 2014

#LtGovDebate The only thing we have to fear … are anarchists with tampons, amirite, @DanPatrick?

— Txnewsprincess (@txnewsprincess) September 30, 2014


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