Life Won’t Feel Safe After You See These 36 Terrifying Pictures. NOPE.

There are some things in life that are inherently creepy. Humans are afraid of many things that make sense, like bears. Bears can kill us and eat us, it makes sense that we would be afraid of bears. But creepy things? Those are harder to explain. Without fail, each of these photos will make you want to crawl out of your skin. They’re gross, they’re horrifying… and some are even terrifying. You’ll probably need a few minutes to yourself after you see these. (You’ve been warned.)

1.) Excuse me, sir, but the devil is on your face.

2.) This is an eel. You’ll see him in your dreams later.

3.) Imagine not looking before reaching for the handle…

4.) Ready to have nightmares?

5.) There’s no reason to ever, ever go through this door. Ever.

6.) How did this seem like a good idea at any point?

7.) Mr. Spider wants to use the computer, too.

8.) Oh, look, a little cockroach….OMG OMG OMG.

9.) I’m never brushing my teeth again.

10.) You might want to rethink brushing your teeth in the semi-dark before bed.


12.) Spiders are incredibly patient. They’ll wait years to scare you.

13.) Nowhere is safe.

14.) Want this toilet paper? Too bad.

15.) This spider is not here for your comfort.

16.) Nothing convinces you to hold it like an army of giant spiders.

17.) This is Port-O-Potty Hell.

18.) This man obviously hates himself.

19.) A maniac. He is a maniac.

20.) What a cute fi…NOOOOOOOOOO.

21.) Giant insects are the new rabbits.

22.) Spiders can, and will, fight back.

23.) I hate you for taking this picture and ruining my happiness.

24.) Oh, look, my worst nightmare.

25.) Congratulations. Eating peaches will never feel safe again.

26.) Not only is this a snake, it’s also kind of a spider.

27.) Which is worse? (ALL OF IT.)

28.) There’s nothing like a tall glass of NOPE.

29.) Always check before you sit down. Always.

30.) What happy and furious ball of poisonous spiders.

31.) This is the definition of horror.

32.) Good, God, WHY?

33.) Never trust your toilet. Ever.

34.) Don’t worry. This is just an absolutely real shark that lives in the ocean.

35.) Wanna go for a run?

36.) That’s it, kids. Time to burn the car.

(H/T Smosh) Thankfully, you’ll never have to experience any of those awful things in your own life (well, probably). Do yourself a favor and try to avoid going into any room that warns you about the black widow spiders. Also, don’t visit Australia. Share these super-creepy pictures with others (and ruin their days) by clicking the button below.

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