‘Lies’: St. Louis protesters dismiss reports that knife was thrown at officer


KMOV reporter Alexis Zotos is reporting early Friday morning that a police officer in south St. Louis was hit in the shoulder with a knife thrown by a demonstrator.

RIGHT NOW: @ChiefSLMPD says a knife was thrown at officers, hit one in the shoulder. 2 arrests so far #shawshooting pic.twitter.com/xlgbmv1aSn

— Alexis Zotos (@alexiszotos) October 10, 2014

The combination of television reporter and police chief wasn’t enough to convince viewers?

@alexiszotos @AntonioFrench @ChiefSLMPD Get that crap off tv. Lies. The disdain for ourlives police hold must be challenged. #OurLivesMatter

— Edward Perkins (@wuperkins) October 10, 2014

@alexiszotos @AntonioFrench @ChiefSLMPD I call bullshit

— Chad Priszner (@CPriszner) October 10, 2014

@alexiszotos Is there a live stream or will it be archived online? @ChiefSLMPD

— coreshift (@coreshift) October 10, 2014

@coreshift Will be on http://t.co/C55WgNd1xF after the show

— Alexis Zotos (@alexiszotos) October 10, 2014

@alexiszotos @AntonioFrench @ChiefSLMPD No one observing #STL #Ferguson believes official stories anymore! #THEWHOLEWORLDISWATCHING!

— Anita Stewart (@AnitaStewart) October 10, 2014

.@alexiszotos Did the Chief talk about cops murdering people? Or is that not part of corporate reporting? @AntonioFrench @ChiefSLMPD

— OccupythePort (@occupytheport) October 10, 2014

@alexiszotos @russbengtson @ChiefSLMPD lies lol

— Covert-Introvert (@futbolfan009) October 10, 2014

@alexiszotos @russbengtson @ChiefSLMPD show us the knife

— Covert-Introvert (@futbolfan009) October 10, 2014

@alexiszotos @AntonioFrench @ChiefSLMPD I don't believe anything they say. Nothing!

— 3ChicsPolitico (@3ChicsPolitico) October 10, 2014

@futbolfan009 @russbengtson @ChiefSLMPD This is the picture our reporter took on scene pic.twitter.com/B0BTZjrJBW

— Alexis Zotos (@alexiszotos) October 10, 2014

@alexiszotos @russbengtson @ChiefSLMPD so what? They probably put that their themselves stop being so naive

— Covert-Introvert (@futbolfan009) October 10, 2014

@alexiszotos @russbengtson @ChiefSLMPD do your job! Reporting and investigating are two different things

— Covert-Introvert (@futbolfan009) October 10, 2014

@KMOV @AntonioFrench @KMOVMatt Good. Get a taste of their own medicine.

— Olivia Kankolenski (@Ollieeex) October 10, 2014

So is it a lie that someone threw a knife at a police officer, or did it happen and the police officer deserved it? Naw, probably planted.

@KMOV @KMOVMatt @AntonioFrench looks like a new knife just purchased by police to fake a crime. Cheap convenient store type knife.

— Advances (@Advances) October 10, 2014

@KMOV @KMOVMatt @AntonioFrench also no one throws knifes they stab with them. #fake story!

— Advances (@Advances) October 10, 2014

@KMOV @AntonioFrench @KMOVMatt and they left the knife on the ground just so the news could get a pic…lol

— Chad Priszner (@CPriszner) October 10, 2014

@KMOV @KMOVMatt #CopsLie

— Questy (@QuestyNM) October 10, 2014

@KMOV @AntonioFrench @KMOVMatt don't report what the cops say as truth. Look at their record of lies.

— E Pollaert Smith (@epollaert) October 10, 2014

The night’s not over yet; here’s some more broken glass as a capper.

Medicine Shoppe door at Hartford and Grand #stl pic.twitter.com/kPyTltP8dG


#shawshooting Protester just broke out glass doo of Medicine Shoppe at Grand and Hartford pic.twitter.com/ijkiR19FBq

— Paul Hampel (@phampel) October 10, 2014



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