José Canseco will continue to complete you … if you send cash now!/JoseCanseco/status/360202515259736065

José Canseco wants to up his podcasting game. And you can be a part of it all just by kicking in a few dollars:!/JoseCanseco/status/360202601259732992

From his crowdfunding site:

We’re looking to raise $10,000, and with your help it should be easy. There are nine different tiers to choose from, including an opportunity to connect with Jose through twitter and a custom painting by Jose.

We’ve already done a few episodes of the podcast, but in order to make this the best form of entertainment possible we need better equipment and resources.

If you enjoy Jose’s ramblings on twitter, you’ll most likely enjoy his ramblings on Canseco Knows Best, and in order to make this the best it can be we need your help!

Funding rewards include a Skype call with José, podcasting with José, a signed baseball from José, and for a measly $2,500, you can obtain the ultimate Canseco collectible: the famed Donald Trump “DragonDragon” painting!!/JoseCanseco/status/326033021377605633

What else will he paint? Anything.!/JoseCanseco/status/360208259153539072

After nine hours, Canseco has four contributors and $110 in donations.!/JoseCanseco/status/360254201017810946

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