It’s no longer safe to let kids stay up to watch New Year’s ball drop!/GKopps/status/418243884519419904

Whelp. Lesson learned, eh, parents? The time-honored tradition of letting the kids stay up late to watch the New Year’s ball drop in Times Square is now NSFF: Not safe for families.

Both ABC and NBC came under fire for airing inappropriate and excessive filth.!/jimnewton/status/418251955878625280!/jasiensWORDS/status/418245111126831104!/KATVScott/status/418258884642340865!/52York/status/418242330010075136

Well, maybe not anymore.!/Casey_LV/status/418277159568805888

For many who endured all the vulgarity and trash, the disappointment only grew worse:!/HaddenJoshua/status/418262848737779712!/Lizzy_Pfeifer/status/418246007252463617

Good pro-tip:!/dadmeatsgrill/status/418224471808307200

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