Instead Of Tossing This Old Washer Drum, He Used It For An Awesome Summer Project

Because I’m still living the apartment life, I have yet to experience the horror that is watching an expensive appliance that I bought with my hard-earned money break right before my eyes.

Redditor Ministry_Eight, however, was not so lucky. Instead of doing what I’d do in the situation and crying for way longer than is socially acceptable, the clever crafter used the dud’s inner drum to create a fire pit that’s perfect for ringing in spring and summer the right way!

This is the drum in question. It didn’t look like much at first, but creative minds see potential where the rest of us see junk.

Here’s everything he used to get the job done.

Before diving in, the Redditor rounded up an angle grinder, a cutting wheel, a sanding disk, some high-gloss black spray paint, nuts and bolts, six heavy-duty screws, and a drill with a half-inch bit. You should also have safety gloves and goggles on hand if you decide to recreate this project!

First, he used a cutting wheel to remove the lip of the drum.

He cut out the standpipe as well.

After that, he sanded down any rough edges.

Ministry_Eight used a drill to create six holes for the legs, which he made out of large screws, nuts, and bolts.

He said that he’d add a few more legs for greater stability next time, so keep that in mind!

Here’s what the legs looked like after everything was screwed into place.

All he had to do after that was paint it! The finished project is pretty cool, right?

It looks even better in action!

In the original write-up, he added that the paint burned off after a few months. To avoid eating your s’mores with a side of toxic fumes, it might be best to avoid using paint altogether.

There are few things more fun than going outside on a sunny day and cranking out a piece that you’ll use all summer long! Would you give this project a go?

If so, be sure to check out the original post for more details! (And toast a marshmallow or two for me while you’re at it.)

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