Instead Of Asking For Directions, These Truckers Made A Horrible Mess

From the outside, being a truck driver might look easy, but it’s actually a pretty taxing job because of the long hours and the time spent away from the company of your fellow humans.

One lesser-known challenge that truckers face is that they’re expected to know the ins and outs of every local road and highway they come across…and when they make wrong turns in unfamiliar areas, things can get ugly.

This is a railroad crossing in Georgia. The signage around the area is a little confusing, and trucks regularly end up getting stuck on these train tracks.

When it happens, it really screws up the works.

Although there’s clearly something wrong in the area that causes this to happen over and over again, this seems pretty clear to me.

Good luck trying to explain that one to your boss.

How exactly do they move the trucks that get stuck?

I hope they’re insured.

While it’s rare, some of the trucks that get stuck on the tracks get hit by trains now and again.

(source: Reddit)

I’d really hate to explain this to my boss. Driving trucks sounds like a great job and all, but I think I’ll stick to writing for now.

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