Imagine Going To Get The Mail Only To Find That Spiders Have Take Over The Mailbox

For most of us, coming across a nest of huge spiders would basically be a nightmare.

Though I think they are fascinating creatures, there’s no way I’d be okay with them living inside something that I regularly use. However, one woman couldn’t be happier about all the spiders that are currently chillin’ inside her mailbox.

When Natasha Joyce from Victoria, Australia, recently found a female huntsman spider in the box, she decided to let her — and all of her eggs — stay in there. After a few weeks, she was strangely overjoyed to find hundreds of baby spiders making themselves right at home.

Even the neighborhood kids were excited about all her new little nopes.

Huntsman spiders aren’t actually all that dangerous to humans, but their bites can be very painful. Plus, they get pretty aggressive when it comes to protecting their young.

YouTube / Brennon Hatton

Though most of the babies won’t survive, it definitely has to be unsettling to have that many in one spot.

YouTube / Natasha Joyce

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