If Your Spouse Never Orders Fries And Then Eats Yours, You’ll Understand This Dog

Most of us are probably a lot more protective of our food than we’d like to admit.

Whenever I bring a tasty treat home and my loved ones try to steal more than a bite, I get pretty testy and make it obvious that I’m less than pleased with their attempt at poaching my meal. That’s why I completely understand this dog’s beef with her owner.

When he took his pup’s bone out of her mouth and playfully pretended to eat it, she wasn’t having it at all — so she hilariously fought back.

“Give it back now or I’ll release the rage of all my furry ancestors.”

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If there’s one thing to be learned here, it’s to never underestimate the bond between a dog and her treats. Share if your pooch would never willingly part with their food!

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