If You Love Reading, You Have To Check Out This DIY Bookshelf-Chair

I have always loved books — when I was a kid, I would walk to the library daily because I read through them so fast.

And though I was happy with reading in any spot in my house, it would have been so cool to have my own chair just for that purpose. That’s why, when I saw the awesome bookshelf chair that Instructables user Darko K crafted for his wife, the nerd in me went nuts. This piece is a book lover’s paradise!

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If you love reading as much as I do, get your wood ready — you’re gonna want to make this, too.

For the base, the crafter picked plywood and screwed in pine for the sides.

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Then for support, he attached more pine pieces with pocket screws and wood glue.

Next came more pine around the sides that would make up the book slots.

When the bottom was finished, he created the seat by gluing more plywood on top.

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With the pocket screws and glue, these top slots weren’t going anywhere!

When all the edges were done, he cut plywood pieces and filled the sides where the books would go.

It already looks amazing!

The only thing it needed was a few coats of his wife’s favorite color.

How cozy is that? His mother-in-law even custom made the cushion!

I need this ASAP for all of my books — if you’re ready to join me in building this tiny library of wonders, you can find the full instructions here.

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