I Dare You Not To Go Aww When You See These Shelter Pets Getting Their First Bed

Think back to this morning and how despite your alarm clock’s echoing wails, you could simply spend the rest of eternity cuddled up in you favorite pjs. Our beds are really just comfortable, safe havens from all that’s wrong in the world.

Now imagine that this was your first time waking up in a bed of your own. Whatever mental images of joy and comfort that just came to your mind are exactly what these precious shelter animals will be experiencing come tomorrow.

Recently, RSCPA Victoria began asking pet owners who were purchasing new beds for their fur babies to donate their old ones to the shelter. In total, the charity was able to successfully give over 100 shelter animals a “new” bed to sleep in.

For many of these pets, this was their very first bed.

Their reactions gave me all the feels.

I don’t even have a pet bed at the moment, but I’m seriously considering buying a few for a local shelter. The simplest things make all the difference!

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