Here Are 24 Things That Once You Realize You Can Never Un-Realize. Seriously, This Changes Everything.

Seconds, minutes, hours and days pass people by without them giving a second thought to some things they really should. Big life issues, careers and important decisions are usually what we focus our cognitive energies on, but there is much more out there to think about. Usually, the people who are drunk or stoned get to those extra questions first. But now, it’s your turn. Take a moment to think about some of the simplest things you encounter or think about in your daily life. Aren’t they really weird when you think about it? Check out this list, your might just might get a little blown.

1.) Balloons? So weird.


2.) Pets? So weird.


3.) Taxi drivers? So weird.


4.) Commuting on a train? So weird.


5.) Eating eggs? So weird.


6.) FINGERS? So weird.


7.) Hugs? So weird.


8.) Your death? So weird.


9.) Kissing? So weird.

10.) Gum? So weird.

11.) Those trees? So weird.

12.) Wearing a bra? So weird.

13.) Eyebrows? So weird.

14.) Tongues? So weird.

15.) YOUR OWN NAME? So weird.

16.) Clapping? So weird.

17.) Crying? So weird.

18.) Having sex? So weird.

19.) Sexting? So weird.

20.) Money? So weird.

21.) Teachers? So weird.

22.) Using Twitter? So weird.

23.) Butts? So weird.

24.) A Christmas tree? So weird.

(H/T BuzzFeed) If you think about it, just about anything you think about for too long is just a little bit weird… woah. Make people you know put on their thinking caps and share this by clicking the button below.

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