He Was Stranded In The Woods And Recorded Nearly 20 Minutes Of Bigfoot Noises

You’d think that by this point, after decades of searching, we would have definitive proof of Bigfoot’s existence.

The most logical piece of evidence we should have by now is a dead Bigfoot. Either these creatures have extremely long lives, or they bury their dead.

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Regardless of why we haven’t found a dead Bigfoot, there is enough circumstantial evidence out there to at least convince me that there is something to the theories. What evidence, you say? In 2012, a hiker found himself stuck in California’s Sierra Mountains overnight. While he was camping out, he recorded almost 20 minutes of terrifying sounds in the night.

Those who hunt for the elusive cryptid believe these sounds are Bigfoot creatures communicating with each other. What do you think?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTsdbKUwenI?autoplay=0]

Holy crap, that is freaky. I’m certainly willing to admit that those might just be the sounds of ordinary animals. All I know for sure is that I certainly wouldn’t want to hear them in the dead of night.

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