He Heard Quacking From Above…And Good Thing! This Hero Saved The Day.

Recently, a Tampa Bay man named Eric Pelno became a hero at Busch Gardens.

He was walking along with his girlfriend, Channing, when she felt something soft hit her shoulder. She was shocked to discover that the object that struck her was actually a duckling! There were a group of fuzzy ducklings on a ledge 30 feet above the couple and they were attempting to get to their mother, who was down below.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the ducklings began leaping for the ground, but thankfully, Eric aided them in their journey by softly catching them and putting them on the ground.

I’d be cheering in the street if I saw a duckling rescue like this!

The hero caught about 20 ducklings and helped them get to their mother.

“Eric just went into beast mode and started catching ducklings from the sky!” according to his girlfriend.

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