He Couldn’t Join His Boys For A Birthday Trip, So They Played An Epic Prank

A man named Kevin was supposed to go on a birthday trip with his friends, but he wasn’t able to join them. His buddies thought it was pretty lame, but they decided to go on the trip anyway…and bring Kevin along!

Well…not the real Kevin. They made a cardboard cutout of him and brought it with them so that he could partake in the festivities.

They packed their bags and hit the road!

The first thing they did was throw a nice party on the roof, because roof parties rule.

They brought Kevin to the club and quickly discovered that he loved crowd surfing.

The ladies couldn’t resist him.

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He was the most popular guy in the place!

This woman even stole a kiss. Kevin is a lucky man.

After the club, they picked up some 2 a.m. tacos, because you can’t end a night of partying without 2 a.m. tacos. It’s the law.

He had to work out the next day to offset all of the partying.

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Who knew cardboard cutouts loved playing soccer?

It’s a little scary that they let Kevin go all day and night without bathing, but boys will be boys, I guess.

(via Reddit)

While the original joke was that his fiancee wouldn’t let him go, Kevin explained on Reddit that the entire thing was a prank. His second daughter had just been born at that point, and his boys totally respected the fact that he couldn’t join them!

In any case, that cardboard cutout probably had a blast.

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