He Bought A Trailer Hitch And Turned It Into An Awesome Teardrop Camper

I’m not a big fan of camping out in the wilderness or sleeping on the ground, but I do love to see new places.

One of the best ways to do that in the U.S. is by car. But if you don’t want to spend a ton on overnight stays at hotels, camping is the next best bet.

That is unless you’re as handy as Redditor YouLoseTheGameTony. Bound and determined, he started out with nothing but a metal trailer kit and his own imagination and turned it into his very own teardrop camper.

First, he sketched out the design on his computer. It doesn’t look like much, but just you wait.

He bought a simple trailer hitch online — when it came in the mail, he got started!

He began putting it together in his garage.

After adding a tongue and an extender, he could start on the meat of the camper.

The floor went down!

Insulation was added.

Then it was time to work on the walls — this involved careful measurements and cutting.

He added some insulation and then glued on laminate for the inside walls.

The moment of truth came…he attached them to the trailer and everything fit.

The inside of the trailer had storage but the back of it opened up to a galley kitchen with little cabinets.

The ceiling was made with baltic birch.

More insulation meant this trailer would be ready for just about any kind of weather.

After making sure all the wiring was in place, YouLoseTheGameTony added the outer skin to the camper.

Prefab windows and a door were added along with some checked vinyl for the floor.

Thin sheets of aluminum were added — they’re only kept in place by the trim. This method allows the metal to expand and contract with temperature changes.

And when all was said and done…

A huge bed fit inside…

A working sink was in the back…

And this puppy was ready to hit the open road!

Now this is how you road-trip, my friends.

If you’d like to check out the entire build, you can do so here.

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