Hands up, don’t shoot: Cameras breach Mizzou safe zone; Prof gets physical

As Twitchy reported this morning, students at theUniversity of Missouri linked arms to form the outline of a “no media” safe space, inside which protesters could do their thing without the scrutiny of TV cameras and reporters.

Cameras did eventually make it through the safe zone and inside Mizzou, which, as St. Louis Post-Dispatch photojournalist Robert Cohen notes, is known for its renowned journalism program. The students must have skipped the chapter on photographing people in public doing public things and jumped straight to the appendix on setting up safe spaces.

We apologize, but this photo needsto come out of its safe space and been seen by everyone. When you’re desperate, sometimes atwo-person human chain has to do until reinforcements arrive.

What exactly are they hiding back there that must not be seen? The pilot of that UFO that buzzed southern CaliforniaFriday night? At least Cohen wasn’t assaulted for filming.

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