Footage Shows Terrifying Moment When A Woman Was Kidnapped During A Pub Raid

As a woman, I’ve never been comfortable with walking alone at night.

Most of us are well aware of the dangers that women face while on their own, but unfortunately, we can’t always avoid venturing outdoors during the dark hours. Some must begin their journey home from work after the sun has set, making them less safe.

This woman experienced a nightmare come true after leaving her job one night. While walking home from the Old Boat House pub in Astley, England, on September 19, the 42-year-old was shoved into a van by complete strangers and taken back to the pub, where they forced her to hand over money from the register.

Police say that the robbers threatened to throw her into a canal if she refused to comply. They even punched her in the face twice.

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Unfortunately, the robbers were able to get away in the van, which was later found in Tyldesley, England. Police are still looking for them. Share this if you think they deserve to be punished for what they did to this poor lady.

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