Everything About This Man’s Experience In The Bathroom Is Unpleasant

For those of us who already fear public bathrooms, this is precisely what we do not need to hear.

While using the bathroom at an animal charity store in Solihull, England, Blue Cross volunteer Peter Edge felt that he was in the midst of a bizarre prank when he saw a fake snake draped over the toilet.

Until it started moving, that is.

Edge and the store’s assistant manager succeeded in freeing the snake — which was very much real — from the toilet hinge, but before they could capture it, the thing got all up out of there.


The serpent was most likely a corn snake, which is a species of rat snake that’s virtually harmless to humans.

Even if the snake was harmless, I can’t think of any creature I’d want around my bare private parts in a small room less than this thing. I’m just going to hold it from now on.

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