Detroit city council Twitter feed sparks laughs, Iowahawk tweet of the day!/MichaelJames357/status/360458677758590976

Check out the oh-so-awesome transparency:!/CityCouncilDet/status/90841998998777857

Um. That’s it.

The account isn’t verified, but the mockery sure is! Twitter users gasp for breath at the “bankrupt” Twitter feed.!/cstark331/status/360372422093963266

Hey, what’s up, y’all?!/RayITR/status/360372804690001920

Heh. The bankrupt city is super busy. No, no … not with fixing its own problems. The city council  is pushing a top priority: A resolution against George Zimmerman. No, really.!/ScottMoseman/status/360090687443701760

Iowahawk then entered the mockery arena. And, as always, won the day with this snark-tastic tweet:!/iowahawkblog/status/360373932823560192


Sorry, no. You almost always win! It was close, though:!/p_bruce/status/360408301076365312


And this Twitter user offers up a painful exit question:!/Psudrozz/status/360415314892173315

It’s funny, and sad, because it’s true. Forward!


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