Community Post: Which First Generation Pokémon Trainer Are You?

Come catch your inner Pokémon trainer.

    1. You’re by no means mean, but sometimes your temper can get the better of you.
    2. Others exist to do my bidding.
    3. Quite nastily, but you do have a soft spot.
    4. You treat people fairly. If you see something wrong you’ll speak out.
    5. Like they’re beneath you…because they are.
    6. A little too nicely.

    1. A Pokémon that’s strong.
    2. A Pokémon that floats.
    3. Pokémon that look menacing.
    4. A specific type of Pokémon.
    5. A Pokémon you can best care for.
    6. Whatever Pokémon floats by.

    1. Make it blatantly obvious you’re into them and flirt flirt flirt!
    2. Keep it to yourself, you reveal nothing.
    3. You’re not that attracted to others, they’re just attracted to you!
    4. Ignore it, your ambitions lie elsewhere.
    5. Attraction? What is this thing you speak of?
    6. Say something a little vague here and there to see if they’re interested.

    1. Try and keep everybody calm.
    2. Find the cause of the problem and get rid of it.
    3. Get extremely worked up and angry.
    4. Something went wrong? Yeah, I caused that.
    5. Blast off again.
    6. Please, nothing goes wrong when I’m around.

    1. Holding the Pokémon tightly.
    2. Nurturing the Pokémon.
    3. Helping the Pokémon, but only if it’s of use to you.
    4. Laughing Menacingly.
    5. Using your body to shield it.
    6. Doing Nothing.

    1. OLM, inc.

    2. OLM, inc.

    3. OLM, inc.

    1. OLM, inc.

    2. OLM, inc.

    3. OLM, inc.

Which First Generation Pokémon Trainer Are You?

  1. You got: Ash

    Both determined and respectable, there’s no stopping you. Because of this, others will look to you in times of need, and don’t worry, you rarely fail to pull through. Just be wary, you seem to have an uncanny ability to attract trouble (and make it double).

    OLM, Inc.
  2. You got: Misty

    You know what floats your boat and what doesn’t — and you don’t shy away from voicing it. A little hot tempered at times whilst empathetic at others, you know how to react to every situation. You’re incredibly close to your friends, and a mutual care definitely exists. However taking that next step comes as a bit of a challenge. When it comes to love you like to test the waters without making it obvious.

    OLM, Inc.
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