Common sense! Charlie Daniels refuses to dance around debt ceiling truth!/CharlieDaniels/status/387644294426677249

Too bad Daniels can’t join the White House press corps. He’s not afraid to ask the right questions.!/CharlieDaniels/status/387645300447264768

Absolutely nothing. President Obama’s arguments for raising the debt ceiling — which, by the way, starkly contradict Senator Obama’s thoughts on the subject — are nothing short of absurd.!/lachlan/status/387649769373708288!/ExJon/status/387650507075903488


Tricky Semantics Sir
We still borrow more money that,s the bottom line and when we do we go farther in debt
Cut spending— Charlie Daniels (@CharlieDaniels) October 08, 2013

Daniels gets it. You can’t spend your way out of debt. 

Then the government should make spending cuts to cover the deficit
not borrow more moneyHow long do you think this can go on— Charlie Daniels (@CharlieDaniels) October 08, 2013

Enough already.

So where does it stop
The time has come to hold government's feet to the fire.
Americans can't live that way.— Charlie Daniels (@CharlieDaniels) October 08, 2013

No. We can’t.



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