Comic Book Heroes With Average Body Types

Saving your self-esteem.

1. released artwork today of comic book heroes with more relatable body types.


In their own words:

“When it comes to accurate depictions of the human body, comic book heroes are hardly realistic. Whether they’re sprouting blades from their hands or surviving decades in a deep freeze, these characters regularly push the limits of what’s considered possible. But they also depart from realistic human anatomy in a more mundane sense: Almost none of them reflect the typical physique of most Americans.

Today, 33.7% of men and 36.5% of women in the U.S. are considered obese, and more than two-thirds are overweight. Weight gain has put millions of people at risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other preventable conditions. Meanwhile, comic books depict vastly different figures: men with massive biceps and shoulders and women with toned abs and tiny waists.

So what would they look like if they reflected more typical body shapes and sizes?”

Below are some of the beautiful results:

2. Wonder Woman

7. Poison Ivy

9. Captain America

10. Catwoman

11. To see all of the characters and learn more about eating disorders, visit

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