Cancer Sentenced This Farmer to Death. But 4 Days Before Dying, He Did The Unimaginable.

Ryan Graham was only 32 when doctors told him his stomach cancer was terminal. When people receive that kind of shocking news, usually the response is fear, sadness and depression.

Ryan, however, decided to embrace the life he had by completing these three final and heartwarming wishes.

First of all, Ryan decided there was no time to lose, and married his partner Amy.

Then, he spent Father’s Day with his step-children, Ryan and Shellie.

The terrible diagnosis wasn’t about to keep this farmer from embracing what he loved about life.

His stomach cancer only gave him months to live, but he made the very best of his situation.

“He did everything that he wanted, reaching every milestone he set out to, and then peacefully passed away.”

Even though he was terribly ill, Ryan always had a smile on his face.

He lived and died on his own terms, refusing to let cancer destroy what he loved.

Amy and Ryan only had six weeks to plan the wedding, but somehow they pulled it together in time.

Finally, his last wish was to see his step-daughter’s birthday.

Doctors warned him that his health was failing fast and he may not survive to see Shellie’s birthday in August. Not only did he make it, but he got up from his hospital bed to see her blow out her candles.

He passed away four days later.

The way Ryan died is an inspiration for how we should live. Each year, each month, even each day could be our last.


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