Bowie The Wonder Horse Is The Animal Best Friend I Never Knew I Needed

Meet Bowie the Wonder Horse.

Okay, have you taken a second to gather yourself?

When I saw him, I seriously needed to take some time to re-evaluate my life. Why isn’t he my best friend? Why don’t we hang by the ocean together? Why do I give dogs so much hype when ponies like Bowie exist?

These are the hard-hitting questions in my life, folks. Let’s get to know little Bowie a little better, shall we?

Bowie is a purebred miniature horse that weighs just 83 pounds.

He was orphaned by his owners at just six weeks old before becoming a companion pony for his new favorite human, Amy.

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It quickly became apparent to Amy, a vet tech, that Bowie was showing signs of equine dwarfism. His legs were not developing properly and he was having trouble standing up straight.

Amy and Bowie sought out medical attention from University of Melbourne Equine Hospital’s Dr. Luke Wells-Smith and veterinarian Dr. Charlie El-Hage to help build up strength in his legs.

With the help of some corrective horseshoes, the doctors and Amy began to see some realignment in Bowie’s limbs.

At seven months old, Bowie is now on the mend!

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When he’s not going with Amy to work, he can be found lounging on the couch with his puppy pal.

He also makes time to snuggle with his feline friends.

He attempts to build sandcastles as well, but that doesn’t usually go as planned.

Bowie even makes taking a bath look freakin’ adorable!

But most importantly, Bowie gives back to his community. He attends many local events and brings smiles to people young and old.

Tell me this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

To keep up with the daily happenings of Bowie the Wonder Horse, you can follow him on Snapchat at Bowietwh or check him out on Facebook!

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