Being A Munchkin Cat Is Probably Fun…Until Your Long-Legged Sibling Does This

Everyone thinks short people and animals are adorable, but they fail to see that being vertically challenged really puts us at a disadvantage sometimes.

Having to ask for help whenever you can’t reach something and not being able to see over taller people’s heads at concerts are my two biggest annoyances — but if you ask this munchkin kitty, the inability to smack your foe during a play fight is probably the worst. No matter how hard the little guy tries to pummel his furry nemesis, the other kitty always has a leg — or in this case, a paw — up when it comes to the battle of the felines.

But even though the odds aren’t in his favor because of his stubby limbs, this cutie has the last laugh at the end. Watch their hilarious brawl below.

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I can’t be the only one who knows exactly how this feels. Be sure to share with all the shorties in your life who understand this kitty’s struggles all too well.

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