Baby Suffers Horrific Burns And His Daycare Didn’t Even Call For Help

Daycare is a place where we trust licensed childcare providers with the tremendous responsibility of taking care of our kids.

Accidents happen all the time, but these are the people who are supposed to know what to do when there’s an emergency.

Estania Eloi’s 11-month-old son Nathaniel had a terrifying experience at Heart to Heart Learning Center in Belle Glade, Florida, when a bottle with boiling liquid fell on his face.

Instead of calling 9-1-1 or notifying Nathaniel’s mother of the incident, the daycare workers lied to Eloi and covered the injured side of her baby’s face.

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“When I got to the door, she told me, here here, go to the hospital, he has a fever. But I didn’t get to see this side of his face,” said Eloi. “I know it’s an accident but you didn’t try to help my child. He could’ve died at the school.”

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