After The Death Of His Baby Girl, This Father Asked The Internet For Help. They Responded.

There’s nothing worse than losing a child, especially when they pass just after birth. Recently, a father lost his newborn daughter before he even had the chance to properly photograph her. What did he do? Check out his story below.

Overcome with grief, this father took the only picture he had of his 6 week old baby girl and asked the internet for help.

His request was simple: take away the pain.

The response was overwhelming. Photoshoppers and artists responded with beautiful interpretations of little Sophia’s photo.

We hope the results can give this father even a little bit of peace.

(via: boredpanda) No parent should have to bury their own baby. Least of all, no parent should have to see them suffering in a hospital bed. That’s why we salute all those individuals who helped make this father’s wish come true. Bravo. If you were moved by this story, please consider sharing below.  

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