Adorable! Little girl in superhero costume tells Romney, ‘I get to meet my hero!’!/dgjackson/status/261198538564849664

Via Mitt Romney’s “body man,” Garrett Jackson, your heartwarming “awwww” moment of the day:

The adorable photo easily put a smile on Twitterers’ faces. How could it not?

@dgjackson I LOVE this!!

— Kathleen Roussel (@EZlocalReno) October 24, 2012

@dgjackson That is so sweet:-) How could anyone not like him!

— Tammy Sutton (@trsutton32) October 24, 2012

@romneycentral @dgjackson Love that photo!!!!!!!

— Laura Jean (@LauraJeantweets) October 24, 2012

@dgjackson AWESOME

— King-T (@Saltlick11) October 24, 2012

Aww! -> RT @dgjackson: So cute – Gov says “I get to meet a superhero!” Little girl responds, “I get to meet my hero!”…

— Jenny Erikson (@JennyErikson) October 24, 2012


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