8 Articles About Millennials That Prove The New York Times Is REALLY Obsessed With Millennials.

As long as there has been youth, there have been old people telling them to get off their lawn or they’ll call the cops.  The New York Times was founded in 1851 and they seem to harbor the same rancor towards Millennials that any 163 year old would.  Within ten minutes we found about like eight (no seriously, eight) articles by the New York Times about Millennials and – honestly – there is probably even more.

The ‘selfie’ crack is a little condescending, but imagine the condescension being thrown at this guy for having the name ‘Blow’ his entire life.

We’ll take ‘callow’, but how dare you call us Millennials ‘young’!

Is the New York Times accusing us of kidnapping?

One could argue that for 45 year old government programmers, being an artist is impractical.

I’d like to see a Millennial version of the movie “The Searchers” with Grumpy Cat as John Wayne’s character.

Millennials, we know where you live.

A single tear falls onto the lap of the New York Times’ unpaid intern as he posts this on the paper’s twitter account.

I feel like this would be more stinging if Millennials knew what this t-shirt is referencing. MTV has been in recession since I was like 11, dude.

I liken the New York Times’ relationship to Millennials to the relationship between Squidward and Spongebobthe cranky squid has so much disdain for the chipper sponge-boy, but is also creepily obsessed with what he’s up to all the time.  Ok rant over, if you are a Millennial tired of being painted in the same brush stroke as thousands of other Millennials, or have a Millennial friend who needs a pick-me-up, give this a share on Facebook…. or Tweet it… maybe Snapchat us? Instagram is a possibility. Bruno Mars.

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