31 Foxy Additions To Your Spring Wadrobe

For foxes and vixens alike!

Spring is almost here! And just like you, foxes ain’t got time to hibernate.

No time for sleeping when there’s foxy cuteness to be done.

Reward yourself for enduring an arctic winter with these clever additions to your wardrobe.

Let’s get you foxy from head to toe.

1. Portobello Sweater, $49.00.

This sweater will keep you warmer than fox fur.

2. Fox T-Shirt, $32.00.

There’s plenty of cute shirts to display your furry affection.

3. Rose Gold Fox Ring, $9.00.

Wrapped around your foxy little finger.

4. Cropped Fur Fox Sake Shirt, $23.00.

For all you sly foxes.

5. Fox Character Socks, $6.00.

To perfect your fox trot.

6. Sweater With Foxes Design, $39.00.

No reason men can’t be foxy, too!

7. Fox Tank Top, $18.99.

Stay chill with this arctic cutie.

8. Uniquely Cheeky Tee, $24.99.

Show off that signature wit.

9. Women’s Oversized Fox Print Scarf, $19.99.

A playful scarf to help you stand out from the skulk.

10. Folloms Plimmswood tie, $75.00.

Foxy accents for foxy fellas.

11. Fantastic Fox Necklace, $22.18.

Don’t forget to accessorize!

12. Fox Print Infinity Scarf, $14.99.

These colors compliment each other perfectly.

13. Men’s Fox Print Bow Tie, $20.00.

A foxy tie for all occasions!

14. Fox Beast Hoodie, $92.00.

You’ll need good ears for all the compliments you’re going to get!

15. Fox Mustache Shirt, $24.00.

This foxy couple, tho. #relationshipgoals.

16. Mint and Grey Fox Print Dress, $120.00.

Proof that foxes never go out of style.

17. Clever So Sweet Flat in Red, $59.99.

Don’t forget your paws!

18. Vintage Fox Mittens, $25.00.

All your paws.

19. Fox Head Cufflinks, $29.99.

Something extra for the fancy foxes.

21. Fox Face Panties, $44.00.

Your undies should outshine any tail.

22. Men’s Fox Print Underwear, $30.00.

Oh yeah. Way better than a tail.

23. Fox Bike Print Shirt, $24.00.

For the fox on the go.

24. Camp Director Tote in Foxes, $59.99.

A clever alternative to the whole carry-things-in-your-mouth deal.

25. Fox Print Leggings, $65.00.

Keep those foxy legs warm!

26. Fox Illustration Eco Tote Bag, $9.49.

Friendly to the foxes’ environment!

27. Floral Fox Temporary Tattoo, $4.10.

Be one with the fox (if only for a day).

28. Fox Print Sweatshirt, $19.90.

Foxes on foxes on foxes.

29. Wooden Sleeping Foxes Earrings, $8.70.

Foxy adornment for all occasions.

30. Dapper Fox Necktie, $28.00.

Dapper indeed.

31. Woodland Fox Mask, $70.00.

If the mood strikes, go big and channel your spirit animal.

Go forth, you fantastic foxes!

20th Century Fox / Via giphy.com

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