25 Reasons Why Baby Goats Might Be The Most Precious Things EVER

Baby goats are tiny little bundles of bouncing, adorable joy. Their fluffy bodies are filled with so much happy energy that it’s impossible to look at them and not feel instantly uplifted.

Seriously, one look at these silly kiddos and you’ll be looking up the nearest petting zoo. I’m speaking from experience, of course. Field trip to the farm!

1. This spot is reserved for only the fluffiest and cutest in the land.

2. “Hi, ahem, are those oats for me?”

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3. “C’mon, let’s plaaay!”

4. The vampire markings can’t even make this little guy look scary.

5. “Shh, I’m gonna get Billy so good.”

6. “Uh, I meant to do that.”

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7. A message to his haters.

8. “No wait, this one is much better.”

9. This mama doesn’t even notice her kids look a little different.

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10. “I claim dis as MY HOOMAN!”

11. Is this a two-for-one special?

12. Look at this happy little guy!

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13. I mean, that’s one way to do it.

14. Their adorable version of a secret handshake.

15. Meditation is important for maintaining inner cuteness.

16. “I don’t like the way this guy is lookin’ at me.”

17. “The grass is lava!”

18. “Okay, now it’s your turn to hide and I’ll seek!”

19. “You calling my buddy small?” “I’m not small! I’m tough!!”

20. I’ve never been more jealous of a photo in my life.

21. “I can bounce higher than you!” “Nuh uh, watch this!”

22. Staaaampeeeeede!

23. You can almost hear them go “boing!”

24. “Yeah, I guess my ride is pretty dang sweet.”

25. “Let’s go get into some trouble!” “Heck yeah!”

Don’t you want to go on itty-bitty adventures with every single one of them? You just know the little buddies would make everything a blast.

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