23 Ways To Prove That Your Adorable Cat Might Actually Be A Jerk

I will forever be a dog person because cats are just too smart and devious for my liking.

Oh, and they know how pretty they are. I have yet to meet one cat or kitten that didn’t think it was better than everyone else in the room.

They are also great at pulling off wicked schemes, but guess what, cats. We’re onto you. I think it’s time to expose your lies to the world. You might appear to be cute and cuddly, but in reality, you’re criminal masterminds. Here’s proof.

1. “They’re mine. They’re all mine!”

2. Looks like you won’t be getting that back anytime soon.

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3. “Thanks for warming it up for me.”

4. “You weren’t going to wear this today, were you?”

5. This cat is always up for a fight.

6. “No work for you today!”

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7. Don’t leave your kids alone with cats!

8. “This is my house now!”

9. There’s a special place in Hell for this cat.

10. “You bought those for me, didn’t you?”

11. “I was only trying to baptize him.”

12. Proof that cats are incredibly aggressive.

13. Buy him a new bed and he’ll sleep on the floor.

14. “I’m over this glass of water.”

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15. Cats can be so possessive.

16. Did he really have to scale my new white shower curtain?

17. Cats have no respect for anyone but themselves.

18. “Where do you think you’re going?”

19. “Only one of us can have all Mommy’s love and attention.”

20. Always getting in the way.

21. He can’t even get through a movie scene because of this cat.

22. You have a whole litter box. You’re just stealing the toilet paper to be a monster.

23. “I’ll take one of these.”

And there you have it, folks — enough evidence to prove that cats are pure evil and should not be trusted.

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