22 Selfies That Might Just Make You Hate Humanity A Little More

Selfies are a staple on social media. Although they’re extremely common, people who take too many selfies are often subject to endless ridicule. The selfies taken by these people are the ones that garner the most negative attention.

You honestly won’t believe how stupid they are.

1. Check your reflection before you post those selfies.

2. The framed selfie is truly horrifying.

3. That’s how I feel about selfie sticks, too.

4. Okay, that’s kind of funny.

5. Flush! Just flush before you selfie!

6. Pretty bad timing.

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7. That’s just wrong.

8. Because this is what your parents are paying for.

9. Inception selfie.

10. Why? Just why?

11. No respect. None.

12. What a waste of food.

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13. That can’t be sanitary.

14. Clever.

15. What a romantic dinner!

16. This seems unnecessary.

17. I feel like the amount of effort that went into this is a little ridiculous.

18. That’s old school.

19. What is the connection between taking selfies and pooping?

20. You’re not using it right.

21. Showing off that new selfie stick…by taking a selfie with it.

22. Even former President Clinton gets in on the action.

(via Diply)

If these selfies aren’t enough to make you hate humanity, then you are a better person than I am. Why would people take photos like those? I guess all we can do is laugh.

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