20 Artists Who Used The World As Their Canvas. Beautiful.

City dwellers are used to tuning out the things around them: noisy buskers, people with fliers, and all the concrete blending into even more concrete. You can get from point A to B without ever lifting your head. But some artists out there are demanding the attention of even the most oblivious urbanite with their eye-catching street projects.

They use ordinary objects as their canvas, and suddenly they become extraordinary. Take a look!

1.) Little Italy, literally.

2.) Did you just walk into a cartoon?

3.) This was not the droid you were looking for.

4.) Imagine getting gas at this station.

5.) Is this a phone booth or a little piece of heaven?

6.) Classiest parking lot in the world.

7.) You never have to worry about forgetting your umbrella on this street.

8.) Art really does imitate life.

9.) Why hit the bricks when you can hit the books instead.

10.) A real fish out of water.

11.) It’s a concrete jungle out there.

12.) This guy looks like he needs a dentist.

13.) Better over your head than under your foot.

14.) This probably makes it really easy to give directions to their apartment.

15.) Follow the rainbow…

16.) Or soak the rainbow up in this hallway.

17.) Really rope things off.

18.) Seriously, that’s just impressive.

19.) Keep your trees cozy.

20.) This park will blow your mind.

(via Amazng Facts.)

I need to see all of those things! I guess I should start aimlessly wandering around the world’s biggest and best cities. I can’t imagine what it would feel like walking down the street just to see something so awesome. Click below to share these amazing pieces of street art with others!

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