19 Of The Creepiest Clowns That Have Ever Shown Up For Halloween

Clowns have always scared people, but recent panic across the country has drawn their creepiness out in full force.

Ever since I ran into one inside a haunted house, I’ve refused to go to any of those attractions. Even though my friends have tried their hardest to convince me that it’s not that bad, there’s no way I’ll ever willingly go again. Yes, I’m a big baby — but at least I won’t have clown-filled nightmares.

With that being said, it makes sense that this would be the perfect costume of choice for adults and children alike on Halloween. What’s scarier than a menacing clown, right? If you agree, here are some fantastically unsettling costume ideas.

1. I’m sure this little guy is actually cute underneath, but that stare makes me feel very uneasy.

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2. Did you really have to make that smile so wide?

3. I hope I never come across this on a dark night.

4. That level of freakiness takes some serious commitment!

5. This guy aimed to replicate Twisty the clown from “American Horror Story.” Needless to say, he completely nailed it.

6. Not only is she terrifying, but she’s also got crazy impressive makeup skills!

7. If you ever see this, just run.

8. I wouldn’t trust that happy face if I were you.

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9. He’s so excited about terrorizing everyone in sight.

10. I know this isn’t real, but it makes me want to hide under the covers forever.

11. Being an art school student pretty much guarantees that you’re going to be the most horrifying clown around.

12. How is this adorable and terrifying at the same time?

13. That is way too much NOPE for one picture.

14. “We all float down here, little girl.”

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15. That’s certainly not what tricker-or-treaters want to see.

16. I wouldn’t be thrilled either if I were that little girl.

17. Like I said before, this is why I won’t go to haunted houses.

18. A wide-eyed clown is exactly what you’d want to come across in the woods, right?

19. Turn around NOW.

You’d better watch your backs on Halloween, folks. These creeps can’t wait to meet you.

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