11 Amazing Facts About The White House You Might Not Have Known.

The White House isn’t just the home of the President and his or her family. In fact, this important US household also holds many secrets. Unless you will someday be President, you’ll never experience these secrets yourself, but at least now you know about them. Enjoy the best fun facts I have uncovered about the White House. They aren’t so confidential any more, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome.

1.) There are 5 chefs working full time at the White House.

2.) George Washington never lived in the White House. He died a year before it was completed.

3.) Bill Clinton had an outdoor hot tub installed in 1997 (of course).

4.) Teddy Roosevelt was the President to have the West Wing built.

5.) Presidents get billed monthly for all of the food they eat, toiletries, and services such as laundry.

6.) There have been 2 weddings at the White House. Richard Nixon’s daughter and Hillary Clinton’s brother.

7.) Tom Hanks bought an espresso machine for the White House when he saw they didn’t have one.

8.) Jimmy Carter built a treehouse for his daughter on the White House grounds.

9.) Andrew Jackson had an orangery and greenhouse built on the White House property.

10.) There is a beer brewed in the White House called “White House Honey Ale” which uses the honey form bees in the Presidential Garden.

11.) There is an underground passageway from the West Wing that goes to the White House pool.

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